Amir Khan - Portfolio

Rewards Program

Motivate scientists for pursuing what they love


Sep 2018 - Present


Research, user flows, wireframe, high-fidelity prototypes

Company and Team

ThermoFisher Scientific

Project Managers, UX team, Visual Designer, Engineering


Browser-based application

The Challenge

The Rewards Program was having engagement issues. Users were not interacting with the product on a consistent basis.


Thermo Fisher Scientific wants to reward and motivate scientists who pursue what they love. With the Aspire member program, users can receive points for using Thermo Fisher products in their daily lab life.

My role was to make the newly launched Loyalty program easy to understand for engaged and new users, and to increase user engagement.


  • Understand (Research and Empathize)
  • Define Problem
  • Ideate solutions (Wireframe)
  • Prototype
  • Test
  • Revise
  • Handoff


To get a lens into the user's experiences with the product, I compiled market research, data analytics, and heuristic analysis to create a journey map. This gave the product team and I a great place to start empathizing with where the users were struggling. Two more journey maps were made to visualize additional stages of the journey.

Adobe Analytics helped determine highs and low points of the user journey via drop off rates and click rates. This data was backed up by HotJar click heat maps and recordings. It was clear that users did not understand the landing page very well due to low registration CTA conversion.


The designs were created in collaboration with the product managers, and marketing team to ensure accuracy of content and prioritization of information. The business managers were also contacted to ensure accurate representation of their specialties (rewards, education, and free trials).

Revision and High-Fidelity

Usability Tests

ThermoFisher hired external consultants to perform usability tests in a monitored environment. I created tasks and scenarios for users to perform to measure results. I also created questions to test the content in addition to the landing page and member's area of the program.

  • Clarity of the program
  • Attraction or ambivalence of the landing page marketing imagery
  • Immediate actions taken when landing on the page
After evaluating the feedback, I proposed a few iterations. A second usability test was conducted via external consulatation. Users were able to clearly understand at-a-glance after a 5-second test. Even existing members found benefits of the program that they were not aware of.


A comprehensive review of the tasks showed that users were uncomfortable with the old imagery, but didn't mind the colors. There was a clear misunderstanding of the product offerings based on the content, and was unclear what the steps were to register for the program


As of May 11, 2018, data analytics shows that online conversions from the landing page increased by 75%. The users are responding very positively to the new marketing messages, simplified visuals, and most importantly the call-to-action button.

In 2019, Loyalty360 awarded Thermo Fisher Scientific the B2B Customer Loyalty Award.

Lessons learned

Because I was responsible for both the user research as well as high-fidelity mockup, I had only prototyped once in the high-fidelity stage. Low-fidlity prototypes would have given me greater opportunity to explore concepts related to scanning and approving codes, which was very complex and time-intensive in high-fidelity.

Other ThermoFisher Work

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